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Client Recommendations

“I recently hired Shani to facilitate a day-long communication skills workshop with the Resident Adviser (RA) staff at Vanderbilt University. RA's are student employees who live in the campus residence halls and facilitate the development of community, enforce policies, and support the academic progress of their fellow students. Shani's workshop covered many beneficial skills such as body language, social thinking, and intercultural communication competencies. It was a pleasure to work with her because she was a consummate professional. For example, she spent months reading everything she could find about Residence Life to study her audience and customize her message to our audience. I was blown away by her level of preparation and willingness to learn the ins and outs of the university housing industry. Furthermore, Shani has a very active, engaging presentation style that easily draws students in. She kept the information relevant but also fun and interactive. At the end of the workshop, assessment results were positive and I have observed RA's utilizing the skills Shani imparted to them. Overall, I was very satisfied with Shani as a presenter and would welcome future opportunities to work with her again. If you are interested in hiring Shani for a similar workshop, I would be happy to speak with you directly about my experience with her.”

Charles A. Lowman
Associate Director for Residential Education at Vanderbilt University

David Lesh
Founder & President of Dale Dental

“Shani, you made all the difference. Your help and support from day one has been very special. I can never say ´thanks´ enough.”

Norman Brinker
Former Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Brinker International

I hired Shani, who came highly recommended, to help me prepare for a promotional campaign for my new book, The Malice of Fortune. Shani more than lived up to her reputation as a superior coach for speakers of all sorts. She brings the skills of a trained, practicing speech pathologist to the mechanics of speaking; her expertise in body language and the non–verbal details of speaking comes from long experience with corporate clients; and she understands how to build a positive psychological outlook based on step–by–step skill acquisition rather than wishful thinking. I could not have been happier with my results.

Michael Ennis
Novelist and Journalist

Shani´s passion for people and deep knowledge of what it takes for speakers to connect and engage in a credible, informative way make her a valuable asset to a team. And her curiosity helps people raise the bar, bringing out their personal bests.

Bob Kaplitz
Senior VP for AR&D, America´s Premier Video Marketing Company

Shani has provided services to my company and to my son. For my company she helped to create the verbage for my web site. Shani is an articulate and creative individual who has an amazing grasp of what people want to hear. She is a very talented writer and provided a product that I am so proud to use to this day, even though I have since changed my web site.

Shani also worked with my son as a therapist/coach. When he was younger he was a bit more shy and he didn´t always feel comfortable in all the different social situations that were presented to him. Shani worked with him on a weekly basis to discuss various situations and ways of managing them. They would often role play and she would give my son very simple assignments to keep him progressing. Shani was always very professional yet incredibly sweet with my son. I am very particular about the professionals that work with my children but I always felt very comfortable with Shani. The best part was that she always knew how to make him smile!

Jolene Risch-Minsky
Talent Acquisition Principal and Sourcing Manager at RMC LLC and Capgemini Consulting

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